Welcome to Why Frets? - FACE by
Marko Ciciliani

Please use Chrome to experience this 3D space.
Also, allow access to your camera, as all navigation takes place through face-tracking.

The environment and the navigation will react to subtle movements of your head.
After calibrating the interaction (see below), when opening your mouth, the environment will switch to an 'active' mode,
in which the light darkens and a spotlight lights up. The area illuminated by the spotlight can be navigated with the head position.
In this mode, when holding still the position of the spotlight, a ball will be ejected toward the illuminated area.

The ball will be stuck to the wall and will produce a sound whenever it comes into the cone of the spotlight.
Please revisit the environment as the placed spheres will be preserved. Also, on every new visit the balls will
have a different color and produce other sounds. Also, older balls will age and disappear after 24 hours.
While they age, they will become more pale and change their sound quality when entering the light-cone of the spotlight.

Please follow these steps to calibrate the face-tracking:
1) make sure the 3D environment was loaded (you should see a simple room with a rotating object on a pedestal)
2) stand still and straight in a central position in front of the web-cam
3) open your mouth to around 50%
4) click with the mouse anywhere on the screen (left button)